All businesses with VAT taxable turnover more than £85,000 must register for VAT with the HMRC. It is true to say that VAT is one of the most complicated Taxes in the United Kingdom with there been various schemes rates and categories.

We will ensure you are always VAT compliant and provide expert advice and guidance to meet all your VAT requirements.

Our services include…

VAT registration: We will register your business for VAT with HMRC free of charge when you sign up to our accountancy package.
Help decide which VAT scheme: Depending on your line of trade, type of business you must ensure you are registered for the right VAT scheme. Our qualified accountants will ensure that you are on the right scheme.
Full guidance and support of VAT: VAT rules and regulation can be a minefield. Our Accountants are qualified to deal with VAT advice. We will always be at hand to talk you through any VAT concerns you may have at any time.
Computation and filing of VAT returns: Our team of Accountants will ensure your VAT returns are calculated and submitted accurately and on time.
Help with HMRC VAT enquiries: VAT enquires can be stressful time for any business owner. In the event of a VAT enquiry or inspection, we will fully support your business and liaise with the HMRC were applicable.

Why Hans Accounting

We have developed a wide variety of offerings to improve cash flow and reduce costs, whilst focusing on your commercial objectives.
The bigger picture - we work in collaboration with our clients by organising ourselves by industry lines. This helps enable us to look at the bigger picture to help implement complete commercial strategies, rather than just VAT planning.
We pride ourselves in applying our technical and commercial knowledge to produce opportunities for businesses in an ever changing legal environment.

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